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Central India Christian Mission

Since 1982, Central India Christian Mission (CICM) has been introducing the Gospel and impacting thousands of lives in India and throughout the world.

Ajai and his wife, Indu, started CICM and have grown the Mission from two to over 1,000 full-time employees and have planted over 3,000 churches in central and northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. CICM primarily focuses on evangelism, church planting, medical care and training, children's ministries and leadership training.

Growing up in India and seeing the children at risk in the villages and tribal areas, Lashi Howard felt a calling towards raising children in the knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus Christ. She currently directs the work of the Children’s Homes which provide shelter to the poor, orphans, needy and at risk. Currently more than 1,200 children are loved and cared for in one of CICM’s seven children’s Homes.

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