In 2015, White Flag Church sponsored the planting of a new church, Favor De Dios Centro Evangelistico (The Favor of God Church) in Santa Elena, Ecuador. Through a partnership with Compassion International and Stadia Church Planting, our members funded the initial construction of the church as well as stepping up to sponsor 200 children in the community! Check out this video to hear about the initial start up:

We now sponsor over 275 children at the onsite development center that meets their spiritual, economic, educational, social and physical needs on a daily basis. White Flag typically sends a team to Ecuador once per year where members have the chance to visit their child at the center and in their homes to help further develop the relationships they have developed with their sponsored children but visits have been put on hold by Compassion since Covid. 

  • If you currently sponsor a child through Compassion, remember to send your child letters on a regular basis. They cherish these letters.
  • Follow our teams while they are in Ecuador and keep updated on upcoming trips on our Facebook Group; WF Missions in Ecuador
  • Follow Favor De Dios on Facebook
  • If you have not sponsored a child but would like to get involved and have the opportunity to visit them one day, follow the instructions below to view the children in need of sponsorship at The Favor of God Church in Ecuador. 
    • Click on this link to go to the Compassion website:

    • On the right-hand side under Search For A Child, enter EC0539 in the "Child Name ID field.
    • Click on the "Learn More" button under any child to learn more about them and their family.
    • Once you choose a child, be sure that their ID number includes EC053900XXX to ensure that they are a part of the program at Favor De Dios Church. 
    • Select "Choose Me" and complete all of the information to start your sponsorship journey!



We currently do not have any trips scheduled but we are actively working to get a trip scheduled as Compassion restarts their mission trips.

For more information, send a note to: