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The head of White Flag is Jesus Christ.

As an organization, we seek to reflect His priorities in all we do and how we do it. No decision is ever made that would knowingly contradict any of Jesus’ teaching. In addition, through prayer and guidance from the Holy Spirit, we seek to discern God’s vision for us as a church.


On a human level, two groups of people direct the ministries of White Flag. Those bodies are the Elders and the staff.

The Elders are members of the body who provide general watchcare and oversight. They continually evaluate the teaching ministry of the church and review major ministry decisions. They use their wisdom, discernment and shepherding gifts to ensure the church remains on a true course Biblically. Scripture indicates that the ultimate decision-making authority in the church rests with the Elders.

The staff directs the day-to-day affairs of the ministries of the church. They are paid so that they can devote the best hours of their day to building ministries. The staff’s main job is to build and coordinate teams of volunteers so that ministry can happen.

The way the two groups work together can best be stated as follows: the staff directs the ministries of the church and all the activities of the church are carried out under the watchcare and supervision of the Elders.


Tony Chiodini

Orman House

Paul Wingfield


Visit the Staff page for a current listing of the White Flag staff.