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Frequently Asked Questions for NEXTKids




Q: Where should we go if we are a new guest and need to check our kids in to NEXTKids Ministry?

A: First time guests whould head to the Family Ministry counter located in the main lobby for a first-time check-in guest tag for you and your child. Following registration, one of our volunteers will escort you and your child(ren) to the appropriate area(s).


Q: Do you have an area for new and nursing mothers?

A: Located just behind the Family Ministry counter is a room specifially designed for new mothers. This room offers soft light, rockers and a changing area. The service is LIVE streamed to the TVs in the room so you won't miss a moment of the worship experience!


Q: What if my child has allergies?

A: When you check your child in, let the volunteer know about any know allergies. The volunteer will alert your child's small group leader and any other volunteers who will be working with them. 


Q: If something goes wrong, how will you get ahold of me?

A: When you check your child in, there is a special code on the tag. If you are needed, this code will be displayed on the front screens in the Worship Center.