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Pastor Paul's Blog

More Than 30 Acres



By now, most of you have heard that we have expanded our campus by purchasing thirty acres. If you haven’t, you can listen to the amazing story here (specifically from 15:40 – 35:37)

I was blown away by the generous response to the first of our three special offering weekends. $125,000 was given above and beyond regular tithing. Our second offering is taking place this weekend (February 13/14). I trust that you have been praying and planning to Give Generously!

Just in case you’re still unsure about what this special offering is really all about, I want to encourage you to remember one thing: This offering is about so much more than just purchasing 30 acres to expand our parking. It’s the first step of many that will allow us to reach as many people as possible with the good news of Jesus Christ. There are 65,000 people less than 15 minutes away from our church and the majority of them are lost. We believe they are worth the effort!

Last week I received an email from a new member of our church… take a quick read.

Pastor Paul,

I am writing you today to let you know how happy I am that my children and I found your church. We moved to St. Louis in May 2014 from Indiana. The move was made so that I could go to work for my dad and so that we could be closer to my family after divorcing my husband in 2011. We decided to come for the first time on Father’s Day, 2015. Color us impressed!! Knowing that wasn’t a typical service, we came back again. My children now go to Epic and love it. I volunteer for Frontline and I’m also a part of Tony and Deanna Chiodini’s small group. We have truly found a home at White Flag. In December, I was struggling financially and the church helped me and my small group helped me as well. It was a great relief, right at Christmas. My heart was full. Then everything changed. We left our home on December 29th as floodwater slowly started creeping up our street. By Wednesday, our home was under water. When I was able to get back to our home, I discovered that we lost everything. Since that time, we have been wrapped in love and support by members of our respective groups and by members of the church that we don’t know. I am truly amazed at the blessings we have received from the members of White Flag. We have received donations in the form of money, furniture, household supplies, gift cards, etc. Some people I can thank personally because I know who they are, but there are so many others that I do not know that gave and I would really love to thank them. I wish the entire church family could know just how appreciative my children and I are for everything that they have done for us. On behalf of Sam, CJ and I, thank you White Flag for everything. Thank you for accepting us, for loving us, for praying for us, and for supporting us through this difficult time. We would be lost without you!

Sincerely, Angi Hess

How many more people, just like Angi, are in desperate need of a loving church family or an introduction to Jesus? I’m thinking a lot! White Flag needs to be prepared.

This coming weekend our church family will have a second opportunity to invest in our church, our community and most importantly the Kingdom of God. Each service will include an interactive Communion time followed by a unique opportunity for you to give your special offering. I can’t wait!

By the way, in addition to the special offering time, we have an incredible service planned to close out our current series, “If Not Now When.” I invite you to pray that many respond to the invitation to accept Jesus for the first time, join our church family or rededicate their lives to Jesus.

#wfstrong -Pastor Paul