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The "Eyes on Jesus” series focuses on the time frame between Jesus’ arrest and burial. A unique cast of people were up close and personal with Jesus during his epic journey to the cross. Discover with us the interesting conversations, observations and transformations that took place in their lives as they watched God’s Son sacrificed and open your heart to what God wants to do in yours!

Sermons from this Series

Mar 29


March 29, 2020

Eyes on Jesus: The Trial of Jesus

Speaker: Paul Wingfield Scripture: Matthew 26:63–64, John 18:34–38, Luke 23:8–9, Matthew 27:19–24 Series: Eyes on Jesus

Mar 22


March 22, 2020

Eyes on Jesus: Judas

Speaker: Paul Wingfield Scripture: Matthew 26:14–16, John 13:26–30, Matthew 27:3–5 Series: Eyes on Jesus