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Stuck Spiritually

August 12, 2018 Speaker: Paul Wingfield Series: Traction Control

Topic: Spirituality Passage: Psalm 13:1–13:4, Psalm 27:7–27:9, Romans 10:17, 1 Samuel 17:37, Psalm 145:18, Matthew 6:24, John 13:35

Feeling disconnected from God?

5 ways to get unstuck:

1. Call It What It Is

"when it comes to problems, silence is deadly."

2. Actually Make an Effort

"If you aren't feeling anything spiritual, it may be because you aren't doing anything spiritual."

3. Focus on Facts, Not Feelings

"Sometimes you aren't feeling it because you aren't feeling it."

4. Do An Engery Inventory

"Have I been giving all of my energy to someone or something besides God?"

5. Love Someone

"Serving others will kickstart you feeling unstuck."

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