December 30, 2018

You Asked For It 2018

Speaker: Paul Wingfield Series: You Asked For It - 2018 Topic: Questions




#1 I have heard a lot of buzz lately on something called Holy Yoga. Wanting to get back into some type of fitness routine this sounds very appealing, but even more so if I could become more spiritual while doing so. However, I have had several people tell me Yoga is not a Christian thing, quite the opposite stemming from Hinduism, and shouldn't be practiced. Do you have any knowledge or thoughts on this subject?

#2 Can you discuss "The Lord's Prayer" and why (Lutheran Background) we said it 150,000 times growing up in church and we haven't ever at White Flag?

#3 There are sooo many Star Wars films, I've never seen 1. There are fans out there that gasp at the thought. I mean it seems to have shaped generations and has a huge following that's as ageless as legos, I'm intrigued to see what the fuss is all about. But everytime I get these high expectations to finally sit down and watch them all, the confusion and often debated concept of what order to watch them sets in, not to mention dedicating 15+ hours. Ask multiple fans and you'll get different opinions on the best order to digest the films.So thats my poor attempt at an analogy for having my Bible. I read it, but am I doing it correctly? Could there at least be a semi-comprehensive way to go about studying Gods word? I would assume much

#4. What do you do when a professed Christian leaves their spouse for another’s spouse - breaking apart two Christian families? How do you counsel the spouse that was cheated on, their life destroyed, their children saddened and the partner they’ve poured their love and support into says they never loved them. What do you say to that broken, beaten and shattered heart who has done nothing to deserve the alienation of their spouse’s love?