April 25, 2021

A Hidden Treasure

Speaker: Jason Gildehaus Series: The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like Topic: Kingdom of Heaven, Kingdom of God Scripture: Matthew 13:44, Matthew 11:25, Luke 9:25, Acts 7:54– 8:2, Matthew 19:16–22

What exactly is the Kingdom of Heaven? Is it somewhere in the clouds? Is it here on earth? How do we get in?

Jesus used several parables in the Gospels to give us insight into the Kingdom of Heaven.

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Apr 18


How The Kingdom Grows

Speaker: Paul Wingfield Scripture: John 6:15, John 12:13, Mark 4:26–29, Matthew 13:31–32, Matthew 13:33, Matthew 13:24–30, Matthew 13:36–43 Series: The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Like