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We want everyone at White Flag to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Doing so takes effort and intentionality. Just like every other relationship, you and I get out what we put in. So how do we grow closer to God? What are the action steps required? #WFSTRONG is a set of principles that addresses this very topic. If you want to grow in your faith, then you need to become STRONG:

Seek Jesus – on a daily basis, we strive to grow in our relationship with Jesus through disciplines like prayer and Bible study.  On a weekly basis, we attend service and worship through singing and Bible study.

If you are ready to Seek Jesus more in your life but aren't sure where to start, click here.

Tackle Sin – when you realize an area of your life does not match up with Scripture, you are to repent, confess and through accountability, remove it.

Run in Packs – get plugged into a small group.

Open Doors – begin serving on one of our ministry teams.

Never Forget – we have an obligation to remember those in our lives that do not know Jesus. We should look to set an example, share our faith and invite them to church.

Give Generously – tithing (10%) is the base when it comes to giving. As we mature as believers, our giving should increase. Set up your giving here.