Camp Fuel Raise Right

Camp Fuel is a program for White Flag families to earn funds that can be used towards student's summer camp fees or mission trips.


How Does It Work?

Your family account earns money by puchasing gift cards. With every purchase, your Camp Fuel account earns a certain percentage of the value of the card based on the individual retailer.

Who Is Eligible For An Account?

Everyone is eligible for an account! Families can start earning money right away, you don't have to wait until your child is old enough to attend camp. Your funds won't expire and unused funds will carry over into the following year. 

Individuals also have the option to open an account and use the money to bless other families in need of camp funds or mission trips.  


How Do I Start An Account?

         •Visit RaiseRight's website and join an existing program with enrollment code:           LB63L24412345 (White Flag Church)


          •Create a new account


          •Purchase gift cards, ecards, and manage reloads


          •Download the RaiseRight app and purchase ecards on the go


          •Let your purchases keep earning your family money!


 *Camp Fuel now operates digitally! Do NOT select "pay coordinator" at check out, but enter your banking information or card info for payment. Gift cards should be mailed to your address or purchased as an ecard. 

*Camp Fuel funds can only be used towards camp or mission trip payments. 

Email us with any ordering questions!