October 8, 2023

How Was Jesus Transfigured?

Speaker: Paul Wingfield Series: The Gospel of Mark - Part 2 Topic: Jesus Scripture: Mark 9:1–10, Luke 9:31

2023 at White Flag is all about the Gospel of Mark! The word Gospel means "Good News” and that’s exactly what Mark provides us in his detailed account of the life of Jesus. Journey with us as we discover Mark’s unique perspective of Jesus as the suffering servant for a sinful world. In week 30 of The Gospel of Mark, Pastor Paul Wingfield takes a deep dive into Mark 9:1-10 where we see Jesus transfigured before Peter, James and John. 

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Speaker: Paul Wingfield Scripture: Mark 16:9–20, John 7:53– 8:11, Matthew 27:62– 28:66, Luke 24:1–53, John 20:1– 21:31, Matthew 28:18–20 Series: The Gospel of Mark - Part 2